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The sites and companies listed below are ones that have been recommended by club members and is by no means a definitive list. If you think there is a company worthy of inclusion please forward details to the Web Master, equally if feel a company is failing to come up to standard tell us and we will consider removing it from the links.

The links cover the following categories.

Model Dealers

Company Description
Westbourne Models Good all round model shop. Website actually gives dimensions of ships fittings. Good mail order service
Howes Models Good general Model Shop for radio control and general items.
Scoonies Models Good all rounder. Excellent mail order service. Gives some dimensions of fittings on web site
Cornwall Models Good all rounder excellent web site god delivery service
Paisley Model Centre General model dealer has boat kits, radio gear and boat fittings etc poor web site. Does mail order.

Material Suppliers

Company Description
Lees Springs very small to very large.
Paddle wheels fixed 100mm Dia. to 140mm Dia.
Inwood Models Good for wood. Complete listing on their web site. Good mail order service.
EMA model Supplies
Good for plastics, styrene, Abs and Adhesives etc. Plenty of bits and pieces
Ships Fittings specialist
For all your meccano bits, wheels, spring belts, and pulleys etc
Model fixings
Machine Screws in small sizes etcAlso bearings etc.
Chronos Ltd
Machine tool suppliers
Prop Shop Ships' propellers specialist
Crafty Computer Paper Decal Paper enables you to make your own decals on Inkjet Printers.
Squires Models & Craft Tools
Tel:- 01243 842424
Fax:-01243 842525
All sorts of bits and pieces. Will send you a free catalogue
G T Sitek Scale brass propellers also manufacture prop shafts

Electronic Suppliers

Company Description
Rapid Electronics Good source for relays components etc and the “hard to get”.
Electronize Speed controllers and electric motors. Good mail order service.
Speed controllers, motors, and batteries etc. No online shop
Astec Models Electronic Specialists
Servo Shop Good for servos, and radio gear. Also do motors etc.
Component shop Electrical components, batteries, motors etc.
Action Electronics
Speed controllers switchers etc
Hunter systems Electronic systems, flashers etc. Also general boating items.
Model power All your electrical needs - battery packs to order, connectors etc. Good site.
Precision Miniature Motors Small motors suitable for radar units see article in November 2008 marine modeller
Model Solutions of Canada Sound Systems for boats seem to work well.

Kit Manufacturers

Company Description
Clyde Model Boats Manufacturer of Model Paddle Steamer Kits feathering & non feathering paddle wheels all scales also model figures etc
Model Slipway Mostly merchant ships
Kingston Mouldings All sorts of boat kits.
Deans Marine
All sorts of boat kits.
Metcalfe Mouldings
All sorts of boat kits
Fleetscale Naval ships
Caldercraft Kits
George Turner Models Also do figures in various scales.
Hovercraft Models
Mobile Marine Models Tug Boat Kits Fibreglass hulls supplies Motors and running gear separately good web site and service
Models by Design Glass fibre hulls manufacturer good web site and service.


Company Description All sorts of plans.
John Lambert Plans
Naval Plans.
Paddlewheels & Props
American river sternwheelers & some tugs.
Sailing ship plans
Best Scale Plans
Sailing ship plans Sternwheel paddle ships
The Model dockyard english/draw/index.htm Russian Ship Plans
Brown Ferguson & Sons
Sailing and modern ship plans
Glasgow University Archives Very helpful. Phone them, and if they have it, they will get the builders drawings out & arrange printing at a price.

Steam Engines

Company Description
Forest Classics
All types of engines
Marten Howes Baylis
All types of engines
Stuart Models
All types of engines.